Developer’s Notes

This page describes the dynamic development updates of the beta version of the prototype.

V2.0 Notes

In Progress

  • Images, masks, and predictions can be exported to PNG.

V1.2 Notes


  • Pagination functions will be implemented on the users’ dashboard to provide a better look of the images in the dashboard.
  • Secured model interface using proxy without specifying the port.
  • Improved filename editing and design.

V1.1 Notes


  • The website is secured via SSL.
  • Users’ password strength can be checked instantly on the frontend of the website.
  • Users’ dashboard has been modernized. Uploaded images are dynamically organized on the application front page.
  • Deep learning analysis results and feedback are dynamically featured on the right hand side of the front page.
  • Original images are overlaid with masks to provide users with an easy approach in identifying manipulated areas on the results page.
  • Improve the efficiency of communication to the database.

V1.0 Notes


Veracity AI is pleased to announce its beta release of the prototype.

  • Users can create an account, and user account profile can be updated.
  • User account profile, uploaded images and account usage are protected by password. User password can be updated.
  • Users can upload JPEG-only images to the iSensor iServer. Uploaded images can be analyzed by the deep learning models in the high-performance computing (HPC) environment.
  • JPEG images can be uploaded as single upload. Batch upload in a zip format is not implemented due to security consideration.
  • Deep learning analysis results and feedback can be shown on the users’ dashboard.
  • User dashboard has a traditional appearance. History of the file upload and analysis results are in user dashboard.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: Users’ privacy and data confidentiality are important to us. For users that register with the iSensor website, we store all personal information provided in a user profile, protected by IPSec technology and standards. The deep learning models are hosted by the high performance computing (HPC) server maintained by the FSU Research Computing Center (RCC). Developer’s access to the HPC server as well as the iSensor server is controlled by FSU Single sign-on (SSO). End users can see, edit, or delete their personal information at any time. The iSensor website is securely located and administered by the FSU College of Communication (CCI) and its Technical Support team. All transactions and access are encrypted and password protected.